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Locate Underground Utilities

Knowing how to locate underground utilities is important for the safety of everyone involved – construction workers and residents in the area. If digging commences without knowing the approximate location of any underground utilities, it can cause damage to water…

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Directional Drilling Jobs

An integral part of the oil and gas industry since the 1920s, directional drilling is the practice of controlling a wellbore’s deviation and direction toward a predetermined underground location or target. Directional drilling is needed for several different applications, here…

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Directional Drilling

What is the Purpose of Directional Drilling Being able to lay pipes, conduits, and other underground connectivity without digging trenches has transformed how we approach many projects, and the directional drilling that enables it has rapidly grown in popularity with…

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Directional Drills

It is no surprise the growth in construction and telecommunications throughout America has led to an increased need for directional drills to bury fiber optics, electrical lines, water pipes, sewer lines, etc. Further, the use of backhoes or excavators isn't…

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