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2 Ways Veterans Benefit At ATS

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

If you are a veteran of any US military service, we want to say “thank you” for the sacrifices you have made. Well over two thousand military veterans have gone through our training programs and we are impressed with you all.

Standard Military Benefits

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School is qualified to provide training under a number of federal and state programs, so make sure you ask about the Military and Veterans Benefits available to you. Our financial assistance department is experienced in all the paperwork that is involved and can help you figure out how to pay for your training here.

No matter which branch you served with, if you are active or a veteran, there may be a benefits program available to you. It’s a good reason to explore your options!

A Military Benefit You Only Will Find Here

Another benefit available to some veterans is exclusive to ATS. Since the middle of September, 2014, Associated Training Services has added a housing voucher to cover the full cost of a double room at the Watertower Inn. This is our housing facility and it is a great place to stay during your training.

In order to qualify, you’ll need to be honorably discharged and submit your Form DD214 to the School Registrar. It’s one more way we can thank those who serve, and the voucher is good for the entire time of your training. That means it has a value between $360 and $2,040, or $120 per week. It’s not good for cash or at any other facility but it’s all you will need for housing while you train for your civilian career in heavy equipment.


You Don’t Have To Navigate Financial Aid Alone

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

It is definitely overwhelming to look at all the financial aid stuff, right? There are a lot of long forms to fill out, and the nagging suspicion you might miss some very important thing. There’s also the fear that potential financial aid is going to be overlooked, and it’s a real possibility if you do your financial aid applications by yourself.

The reason why ATS has a Financial Assistance department is because the people who need financial help the most are those who are least likely to know how to find their way to the best financial aid for their circumstance. But the people who work in  ATS Financial Assistance do this all the time and know what to do.

We Know Where The Money Is

There are many ways to get money for school, and lots of different programs that can help pay for tuition and housing if the school is eligible. Because ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School is an eligible training provider in 22 states and we have relationships with hundreds of government funding agencies all over the country, we know how to find the financial assistance you qualify for and how to apply for those programs.

Working with thousands of students to do the paperwork for grants and loans develops an understanding of how the process works. Getting experience by problem solving when snags occur works out for the good when the next student hits the same snag. Our financial assistance department works with you to get through the process of applying for help and stays with you to get started on your future career a a professional heavy equipment operator.



Save Your Gas Money For Getting To Work

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

You know, once you graduate you will need gas money to get to work. Why spend it on getting back and forth to school during training? ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School offers Housing Assistance as part of the financial package we offer. This means you can live at the Water Tower Residence Inn while you are in training and wait to spend money on gas when you are getting a paycheck.

There are both single and double rooms, and each one has air conditioning, color TV with cable, and a small refrigerator. You can keep snacks and drinks available during your study time and be comfortable. When you need to do laundry, there are facilities on site. If you want to hang out in the game room, it’s right there.

You won’t be far from restaurants, grocery stores, and stuff like that. You also aren’t far from ATS so the savings on gas are pretty substantial. We’ve found that students appreciate the location and amenities of the Water Tower Inn and that lifelong friendships can be made after class.

You’ll get to know a lot of people studying for different industries, too. The Water Tower Inn is used by Diesel Truck Driver Training School as well as ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School, and since classes start all year round there’s always someone new to talk to.

Offering housing assistance has proven to be a good way to let students save their money and their energy while they focus on learning the skills that will enhance their future career.

There Really Is Financing Available

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Sometimes, the statement that “financing is available” is part of a used car salesman’s spiel, and that financing ends up being kind of like the bait on a hook to reel you in and saddle you with a clunker that doesn’t last as long as the payment schedule.

This is NOT what happens at ATS.

Financing really is available, and there are many types of financing for different types of students. There are private student loans to be used for tuition and housing expenses, many kinds of state and federal grants, and educational scholarships. There’s military funding for vets and active duty members of the military as well as their families.

Since ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School is a qualified institution with all the right credentials and affiliations, we can utilize the funding you are eligible for. Since we work with so many types of financial assistance, we can help you figure it all out.

Unlike the used car that had “financing available” and died before the last payment, your education and training continue to be valuable long after any loans are paid off. There’s lifetime career assistance to keep you employed, too. It really is a good deal, and there are no hidden hooks.

For an idea of what financial assistance you could be eligible for, simply fill out an online application and start the process. It’s free, and you will need to answer some questions designed to evaluate your suitability for our program. These are required, and the reasoning is covered in the introductory paragraphs of the application. It keeps you from wasting your time if an issue will prevent your employability.

So that’s it — no hooks, no bait. Just real financial assistance for those who qualify, and we help you get it.


Join Over 2,000 Vets

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Did you know that Associated Training Services has been in operation for over fifty years? We have had time to learn how to do things right, and to adapt to the new stuff coming into the industry. In the Training School sense, we are veterans because of those years of experience. We’ve invested the time and the effort to do our job well, and it shows.

But there’s another kind of veteran that we have a profound respect for and will always honor: the military veteran. 

Over the last fifty years, our organization has trained over 2,000 military veterans. We’ve helped them figure out the benefits they qualify for and ATS is approved as a career training course for many of those educational benefits. There are some programs for active duty members, National Guard, Reserve, and military spouses, too.

We appreciate the time and effort you have put into service to our country, and over the years we have seen that military veterans come into their training with a competent attitude and a willingness to do what it takes to accomplish their goals. This probably has a great deal to do with the fact that you’ve been in one of the branches of the Armed Forces and learned a lot there.

If you are interested in exploring the military benefits available to you with our financial aid office, we’ll be glad to help you do that. There’s even a scholarship for all honorably discharged veterans of military service, a scholarship ranging from $500 up to $1,500 depending on the program you enter. You’ll need to submit your DD214 to the school registrar to qualify for this particular scholarship since it is from ATS in recognition of your service.

And in case you don’t hear it from anyone else, Thanks.





How Am I Going To Pay For This Training?

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Most of us ask ourselves the same questions when we start looking at the details of attending school: “How am I going to pay for this?” It’s a legitimate question, because you really don’t want to be in debt for years after you graduate. So how does the money end work? How do you figure out how you are going to pay for ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School?

You Don’t Have To Figure Out Financing By Yourself

ATS has an excellent Financial Assistance department that knows exactly how to figure out your financing. There are a lot of variables and possible sources of both loans and grants depending on your circumstances, and the first step is filling out an application. Within 48 hours, they’ll get back to you and the process of figuring out your financing will happen with expert help.

Because the folks in Financial Assistance work with this stuff all the time, they know the right questions to ask and where to find money for school. They can help you figure out the whole thing; tuition, housing, etc. and give you a solid idea of what you will be in for. There’s no way you can know all the possible sources of financial aid, but they do.

Don’t let the fear of financing keep you from getting your training at ATS. We can help you find the money, get the skills and the certifications, and provide the career help to get you in the drivers seat as a heavy equipment operator who can pay the bills with a good job.


Do You Qualify For Military Benefits?

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Associated Training Services is a recognized training provider, approved for veterans and military educational assistance. There are many types of benefit packages, so it’s a good idea to contact our financial services department and ask if there’s something that fits your circumstance. Here’s a quick list of possibilities:

  • the GI Bill could provide monthly subsistence payments while you are in training
  • the Montgomery GI Bill for pre-911 service members could help support your family
  • the Post-911 GI Bill allows up to $17,500 for tuition assistance
  • the Armed Forces Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is for active duty members of the military and could give up to $4,500
  • National Guard and Reserve members might qualify for these or a state military benefits program
  • injured service members or their descendants may qualify for Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation benefits

Military benefits are provided by state and federal government programs because as a member of the military you have earned them. As Memorial Day gets closer, there will be more folks saying “thank You for your service,” and we say that too. Thank you for the ways you have sacrificed to serve. We appreciate it.

Getting certified training as a heavy equipment operator, crane operator, CDL driver, or rigger/signalperson doesn’t just give you a piece of paper. ATS is committed to helping you get a job once you become a graduate, as long as it takes. From the time you send in your online application, we will help you figure out which benefits you qualify for and provide career counseling if you need it so that your career is on track.


How Long Does It Take To Process Financial Aid?

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

When you are looking at your options for career training, financial aid is a big part of it. Once you get all your information (including your driver’s license) into the financial aid office at Associated Training Services, it can be processed in about two days — that’s not too long for such a big result. You can use fax, regular mail, or submit your application online.

Because ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School is accredited, many types of state and federal government programs recognize us as a legitimate recipient of educational grants and loans. Here are a few of the possible routes to help financing your training:

  • veterans can use military benefits
  • tribal education grants
  • displaced workers and farmers
  • various workforce development programs

ATS can even help high school students train for careers through high school achievement scholarships! And, did you know that a career loan can be used for housing and related expenses? As long as the money is used on living expenses incurred while training, it’s part of your career costs. The entire financial aid process is pretty confusing, and there are a lot of possible routes you can take to paying for the training you need to get started in your career as a heavy equipment operator.

Fortunately, our Financial Assistance department is staffed by experienced people who work with this stuff all the time, and know how to navigate the confusing possibilities correctly. We can help you through the application process and get you started with an understanding of what your costs will be and what financial assistance you can qualify for, and it can happen in just a few days.

Do You Qualify For Financial Help? You Might!

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

A lot of our students come through the program with help from one of the many sources of financial aid. Since Associated Training Services (ATS) is accredited, our heavy equipment operator training is eligible for a number of programs, but you won’t know what will work for you until you contact our Financial Assistance service and talk to us.

High school achievement scholarships are available through us — just ask. Career Loans can be applied to training school tuition, rent, and other living expenses. Military benefits programs recognize ATS so you can use any of the GI Bills, TAP, or state military programs to get trained and start a new career. Vets get hiring preference, so a trained vet has the best chance out there to land a job.

If you are on unemployment, you could qualify for a state or federal grant. In fact, there’s a lot of state and federal programs that we work with: Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Department of Workforce Development, Trade Adjustment Act (TAA), Displaced Workers, Displaced Farmers, Vocational Rehabilitation, Tribal Education (BIA) and Veterans Benefits (VA) are all on the list.

One of the best things about using financial aid to get heavy equipment operator training is the fact that you have so many job opportunities once you graduate. You get trained on a lot of different kinds of equipment, too, so you are going to be very valuable as a skilled professional. Talk to Financial Assistance and see what you qualify for, and what kind of a debt load you will graduate with. Then take a look at the job site and see what kind of a wage you can expect. We bet you will see the real possibility that you can pay off school quickly and have a good, solid career ahead of you.

3 Reasons Why Housing Is Part Of The Program

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Associated Training Services offers housing assistance as part of the financial help you can get when you come to our heavy equipment and crane operator training programs. We have been in the business long enough to know that it’s a good idea to stay near your classes while you go through the program. Here’s why:

  1. You will be learning a lot of new information and it will take some time, possibly even some evening re-reading of the material, to get it firmly in your head. Staying nearby in a comfortable, safe room gives you the down time you need to process your classes and get ready for the next day.
  2. Many of our students come from other parts of the country and will need a place to stay in any case. Even the students who live close find that it helps to stay at school instead of commute. Why spend all that money on gas and a random motel room?
  3. We have established housing with the Water Tower Residence Inn, just a few miles from the school. It is a short walk to restaurants, stores, and local attractions. The rooms have cable TV, air conditioning, and small refrigerators for your favorite snacks. There’s also access to laundry facilities and a game room/social area where you can connect with fellow students. 

Because we believe available housing will help you get the most out of training, we make housing assistance part of the financial aid we offer. We will reserve a room for you at the Water Tower Residence Inn for the length of your training. Ask about it when you call us and get ready for a solid future career in heavy equipment and crane operation.

* Associated Training Services fully endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), and will prepare candidates for the CCO certification examinations.

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