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How To Be The Best Heavy Equipment Operator Around

November 24th, 2014

OK, first, a disclaimer: If the other guys on your work crew also do this, then you’ll be the “best heavy equipment crew around” because all of you invested in the same steps.

Choose A Training School That Is Nationally Recognized

There’s a good reason that schools like ATS are nationally recognized, and it’s because the history of the school and students have a proven track record of excellence. Look for a heavy equipment operator training school that has a good reputation in the industry. Pay attention to what the school offers, too. Nationally recognized schools will have access to employers simply because they are known to be good sources of professional-level operators.

Choose A Training School That Is Accredited

Look at the credentials and affiliations the heavy equipment operator school has. Those credentials and affiliations are proof that high standards have been met in curricula and instructor quality. Being an accredited training school also has financial benefits because a wide variety of education funding sources require accreditation for eligibility. You could qualify for more financial assistance than you realize if the training school you choose is accredited.

Choose To Invest Your Efforts Into Your Training

The best training facility in the world still needs the student to participate in the training, right? Once you have selected a nationally recognized, accredited heavy operator training school and gone through the process of application and financial aid, there’s still a choice to be made.

You can goof off and regret it, or dedicate this time to learning how to be the best heavy equipment operator around.


Heavy Equipment Job Listings: November 22, 2014

November 22nd, 2014

The skilled trades industries usually will have openings all year, because the need is always going to be there for someone who has both the skills and the certifications to do the job. As the baby boomer generation retires, many more jobs open up. The need for new skilled heavy equipment operators doesn’t look like it’s going away.

Did you know you can post your skills and qualifications on the Total Resources Network and look for openings that match your training and experience?

This job site brings together employers needing personnel, job seekers looking for work, and the training providers who make the job seeker qualified to do the job. The database can be searched by location as well as other criteria. The long term safety and sustainability of the skilled trades industries depends on all three groups being able to rely on each other, and this site is one way it happens.

This Week’s Job List

GREEN BAY, WI — hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

BROWNSVILLE, WI — hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

MAUSTON, WI – hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

NEENAH, WI – hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

TORRINGTON, CT — hiring heavy equipment operators

BURNSVILLE, MN – hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

AMHERST, WI – hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

TOMAH, WI – hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

ASHLAND, WI — hiring heavy equipment operators

IRVING, TX — hiring crane operators

Every graduate of ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School is given personal career counseling by the Employment Assistance department, and that assistance is there for life. This list has job openings all over the country, but the job list you’d get as a graduate would be exactly what you are looking for, where you are hoping to be.

Need Specialized Training? ATS Can Help

November 20th, 2014

Sometimes, the unique circumstances of a job site or the niche a company has worked hard to develop require heavy equipment operators who have specialized training for the specialized tasks they are expected to perform. ATS-Specialized can come to the site or provide classes in their training facility. This training falls under these categories:

  • NCCCO Crane Operator Training, Testing and Certification
  • OSHA Compliant Rigging & Signal Person Training, Testing and Qualification
  • NCCER Heavy Equipment Training, Testing and Qualification
  • Class-A CDL Commercial Driver Training, Testing and Licensing

Why ATS-Specialized?

The value of ATS-Specialized training is the experience behind the instruction. Since 1959 there has been training happening at ATS, and that means we’ve developed the skills and understanding it takes to train operators who meet today’s standards with the advantage of accumulated wisdom.

The curriculum is up to date, the instructors are certified, the accreditation is nationally respected, and the customers have been satisfied for decades. What more could you ask for?

Ask For The Training That Fits Your Needs

The skilled trades industries operate in a wide variety of environments, doing a broad spectrum of work, under lengthy regulations specific to the task, and often have customers who need unique challenges met. A solid basic operator training course is a good foundation, but the skills and knowledge must be built on that foundation before the job can be done.

Since the training team can come to the site, their valuable experience and insight can be utilized to make sure all the factors are taken into consideration and your workers are trained the way they should be for the job.

For more information on ATS Specialized training please call us at (800) 678-8149.

How To Choose A Gift For A Heavy Equipment Operator

November 18th, 2014

Sooner or later, anybody who loves a heavy equipment operator is going to want to get a gift for that person, and not just any gift will do. You might want to honor a recent graduate from one of the ATS Training Classes, for instance. The schedule goes all year round for heavy equipment, crane, and CDL license training so there’s always a new group of graduates ready to face the future.

Of course the coming holidays have gifts on everybody’s mind, too. But there are only so many “I DRIVE A LOADER” coffee mugs anybody wants, so choosing the right kind of gift is a good idea.

The Skilled Trades Deserve The Best

A heavy equipment or crane operator will generally be doing a challenging job outside. Truck drivers are in and out of the cab, too. Think about giving work gear that makes the job easier:

  • Good work gloves
  • Comfortable, protective work boots
  • Winter gear that handles sweat and times of inaction, like high tech long underwear
  • High-performance socks
  • Travel mugs that don’t spill and keep drinks hot or cold
  • Gift certificates for gear

Every job has different challenges, and the list may change with a specific location. The idea to keep in mind is that a professional who works in the skilled trades industry is going to appreciate a gift that can be used hard every day. It’s better to give a hard-working heavy equipment operator one expensive, high-quality item that will last for years than it is to give a pile of cheaper presents that break by next year.

Heavy Equipment Job Listings: November 15, 2014

November 15th, 2014

This week there are job listings for crane operators, CDL Class-A truck drivers, and heavy equipment operators. The jobs are scattered all over the country from top to bottom. Each one of these openings could be filled by a graduate of ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School because that graduate would have the knowledge, skills, and certifications needed to qualify.

Every one of our graduates walks out to their future with a list of job possibilities custom-picked by the results of individual career counseling and Employment Assistance that is available for a lifetime of skilled professionalism.

BELFIELD, ND — hiring crane operators

KENNETT, MO — hiring CDL Class-A truck drivers

HOUSTON, TX – hiring crane operators

MIAMI, FL — hiring crane operators

LAKEVILLE, MN — hiring crane operators

BATON ROUGE, LA — hiring heavy equipment operators

DURHAM, NC — hiring crane operators

HOUSTON, TX — hiring crane operators

OLATHE, KS — hiring CDL Class-A truck drivers

NEW AUBURN, WI — hiring heavy equipment operators

BRANSON, MO — hiring CDL Class-A truck drivers

STREETSBORO, OH — hiring heavy equipment operators

SUSQUEHANNA, PA — hiring CDL Class-A truck drivers

If none of these openings is where you are looking for work, take the time to look through the offerings available at the Total Resources Network, a resource made available to our graduates and a great place to find the employment leads, networking, and related career avenues you may need.

Stand Up Taller If You Are In The Skilled Trades

November 13th, 2014

Sometimes the skilled trades, like heavy equipment operation, seem like an invisible career. The only guy who seems to be famous and blue-collar is Mike Rowe, the guy who has become famous for trying out dirty and unusual jobs on TV. But as Mike would say, “somebody’s gotta do it”, and think about what happens if nobody does that job?

Skilled Trades Have Permanent Physical Impact

In any skilled trade, the result of a job well done is a change in the surroundings somehow. With heavy equipment, that change is pretty obvious, but somehow society forgets that something like plumbing depends on somebody being able to dig a ditch. All the changes to the landscape that make life easier happen because somebody knows how to operate heavy equipment.

The big jobs that are done with big machinery are jobs that change the world. If you can do a job that changes your world, straighten up and stand tall because you make a big difference in a lot of lives.

Skilled Trade Professionals Have Credentials

The two national organizations that ATS works with to provide credentialing for the heavy equipment workforce are:

  • NCCER — the National Center for Construction Education & Research
  • NCCCO — the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators

Being able to show a potential employer that you have these certifications shows that high standards have already been met in your training and that you have passed the tests required to show mastery of the skills required. As a result, these credentials are valued throughout the industries that rely on heavy equipment to get a job done.

If you are a skilled heavy equipment operator with the credentials to prove it, you can stand up taller in confidence that you are a valuable professional.



2 Ways Veterans Benefit At ATS

November 11th, 2014

If you are a veteran of any US military service, we want to say “thank you” for the sacrifices you have made. Well over two thousand military veterans have gone through our training programs and we are impressed with you all.

Standard Military Benefits

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School is qualified to provide training under a number of federal and state programs, so make sure you ask about the Military and Veterans Benefits available to you. Our financial assistance department is experienced in all the paperwork that is involved and can help you figure out how to pay for your training here.

No matter which branch you served with, if you are active or a veteran, there may be a benefits program available to you. It’s a good reason to explore your options!

A Military Benefit You Only Will Find Here

Another benefit available to some veterans is exclusive to ATS. Since the middle of September, 2014, Associated Training Services has added a housing voucher to cover the full cost of a double room at the Watertower Inn. This is our housing facility and it is a great place to stay during your training.

In order to qualify, you’ll need to be honorably discharged and submit your Form DD214 to the School Registrar. It’s one more way we can thank those who serve, and the voucher is good for the entire time of your training. That means it has a value between $360 and $2,040, or $120 per week. It’s not good for cash or at any other facility but it’s all you will need for housing while you train for your civilian career in heavy equipment.


Heavy Equipment Job Listings: November 8, 2014

November 8th, 2014

There are quite a few class-A CDL truck driver openings this week. That’s not hard to understand because this is the time of the year when somebody who can drive a dump truck with a spreader or a snow plow is in high demand. It takes heavy equipment operators and class-A CDL truck drivers to keep the roads clear in winter weather.

There are a couple of crane operator openings, too. This highly specialized skilled trade is one that often comes up as a need in many kinds of industries. The best way to be prepared for careers in heavy equipment, no matter what kind of machinery we are talking about, is by getting the professional training and certification needed in your field.

One of the biggest advantages of ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School is the fact that the Employment Assistance doesn’t stop when you graduate. There’s help finding a job in your field as long as you need it. Here’s this week’s list:

OMAHA, NE — hiring class-A CDL truck drivers

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL — hiring crane operators

COMMERCE, CA — hiring class-A CDL truck drivers

ANCOHRAGE, AK — hiring crane operators

SAUK CITY, WI — hiring class-A CDL truck drivers

NEENAH, WI — hiring class-A CDL truck drivers

BALDWINSVILLE, NY — hiring class-A CDL truck drivers

BLACK EARTH, WI — hiring class-A CDL truck drivers

Another advantage that ATS offers is the job site, a perfect place to explore and see what the skilled trades industries hold for your future.

3 Dollars A Day And A Shovel In 1854

November 6th, 2014

On February 15, 1854, an engineering marvel was opened: The Horseshoe Curve in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania. This piece of railroad track meant that travelers between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh could make the trip entirely by rail in about 15 hours. That was a big improvement from the 4 days of canal & train the trip involved in previous years.

Here are the statistics:

  • length of curve — 2375 feet
  • degree of curvature — 9 degrees; 25 minutes; central angle is 220 degrees
  • elevation of lower east end — 1594 feet
  • elevation of upper west end — 1716 feet
  • total elevation climb — 122 feet
  • grade — 1.8% (1.8 foot rise per 100 feet)

And what kind of heavy equipment did they use to do this excavating? Men with hand tools. About 450 workers, many from Ireland, were paid 25 cents per hour and worked 12 hour days to carve out the mountain at Kittaning Point and get the railroad through. That was some serious shovel work for 3 dollars a day.

Today The Job Market Is Different

The maps on the ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School listing recent wage guidelines for skilled operators list 2011 wages going from entry-level $12.85 an hour up to $24.57 an hour for specialty industries.

The job is more complicated than excavating with a shovel alone and the work goes much faster with the machinery doing the excavating. But the skill of the worker still has to be there, and the satisfaction of seeing a permanent benefit from your hard work might be just the same as those guys leaning on their shovels looking at the work they did on Horseshoe Curve.



Skid Steer Loaders: Versatile Machines

November 4th, 2014

When a heavy equipment operator can say they know how to run a skid steer loader, they are saying they can do a lot of amazing things in a small machine. The size and versatility of skid steer loaders make them very valuable on a construction or logging site because the loader can operate in a small space but do big, big jobs.

In order to do those big jobs, the operator needs to be able to understand exactly how the skid loader works and manipulate the controls without stalling. Some skid steer loaders have been designed to eliminate this problem but not all have done so. The skid steer loader can turn in its own footprint and maneuver in tight situations if the operator is experienced.

During training at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School there will be in-the-seat training in a variety of pieces of equipment and they will be challenging at first. The skid steer loader doesn’t maneuver like the bulldozer, for instance. It also isn’t at all like driving a dump truck. Each type of heavy equipment is slightly different to operate because it has been designed for specific tasks.

Skid steer loaders are able to be outfitted with a variety of tools on the arms:

  • various buckets: dirt, utility, multi-purpose, grapple
  • various forks: pallet, utility, industrial grapple
  • angle blade
  • auger
  • broom
  • cold planer
  • hydraulic hammer
  • landscape rake & tillers
  •  material handling arm
  • stump grinder
  • trencher
  • vibratory compactor

This versatility makes the skid steer loader one of those machines that challenge an operator because every type of tool will take a slightly different technique to perfect. But it also means the operator who can meet the challenge of the skid steer loader is somebody in demand on the work site.

* Associated Training Services fully endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), and will prepare candidates for the CCO certification examinations.

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