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Green Construction Jobs Are Good For Our Future

March 31st, 2015

Do you know what a “green job” is? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Green Job Initiative is growing quickly and these jobs are popping up all over the place.

Green jobs are either:

  1. Jobs in businesses that produce goods or provide services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources.
  1. Jobs in which workers’ duties involve making their establishment’s production processes more environmentally friendly or use fewer natural resources.

Being Trained To Do Green Jobs Is Good For YOUR Future

For heavy equipment operators, being able to say you know how to work in an environmentally friendly fashion means you are highly qualified and hireable. As the environment and natural resources become prioritized, so will green construction jobs. That’s why ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School offers green jobs and training. You’ll get the training that qualifies you for the green job initiative and you’ll get the help to find the green jobs where you are located.

These green jobs won’t just be the occasional homeowner wanting to keep the big trees alive while they build their house. It certainly includes individuals, but the Green Job Initiative means that these jobs will be in the commercial construction industry. That’s government projects, infrastructure, and more. It’s big money and it’s going to take heavy equipment operators who are able to do the job the way it needs to be done today, instead of the way it used to be done.

This change in the way heavy equipment is used is slow. You are still going to find jobs where it’s old school. But since there is a growing demand for jobs where it’s ecologically sensitive and new school, ATS provides an awareness of both and competency across the board. You will have a heavy equipment career in the future if you’ve been trained at ATS.

Heavy Equipment Job Listings: March 28, 2015

March 28th, 2015

This week’s job listings are mostly for Class-A CDL truck drivers and mobile crane operators. Both of these positions are not something the average person off the street can do. Class-A CDL truck drivers have passed written exams and driving tests in order to get the Class-A Commercial Drivers License. In the same way, mobile crane operators have gone through strict training and testing to be certified by national standards. The NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) consists of both written and practical exams and you can get that training and test for the NCCCO in the Certified Crane Operator Programs at ATS.

This week you have job openings in all these locations:

HORICON, WI — hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

MADISON, WI — hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

GREEN BAY, WI — hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

LACROSSE, WI — hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

CAMPBELLSPORT, WI — hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

BATON ROUGE, LA — hiring mobile crane operators

DECATUR, AL — hiring mobile crane operators

AMHERST, WI — hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

JACKSONVILLE, FL — hiring mobile crane operators

CHERRI, IL — hiring mobile crane operators

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — hiring mobile crane operators

MAPLE GROVE, MN — hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers and heavy equipment operators

FRANKFORT, IL — hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

Employment Assistance is a lifetime benefit of being trained at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School. You’ll get the training you need and the leads to find the job you need, too.

Ditches Are Dangerous For The Untrained Excavator

March 25th, 2015

Trenching, or digging a ditch, may look like it is a simple process that anyone with a shovel or a rented backhoe can do. But that mistake causes many accidents and even deaths every year. According to OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), “the fatality rate for excavation work is 112% higher than the rate for general construction.”

Here are the four top causes of injury, according to OSHA’s Trenching & Excavation eTool:

  1. no protective system
  2. failure to inspect trench and protective systems
  3. unsafe spoil-pile placement
  4. unsafe access/egress

The eTool has simple guides for avoiding each of these, but reading some information is not the same thing as being trained by qualified instructors. These teachers have the credentials that result in certifications future employers and insurance companies respect.

Why Training Is Better Than Teaching Yourself

Excavators do a dangerous job. When the consequences of making a mistake are things like injury or death, it’s better to begin the learning process in a classroom with expert teachers who can give you the benefit of their experience. You can learn about the types of mistakes that can be made and what will happen. Then, after the “head” knowledge is there, the “seat-of-the-pants” knowledge can be added in an environment designed to keep mistakes from being deadly.

Everyone makes mistakes when learning how to do something. That’s why some teachers say that F-A-I-L stands for “First Attempt In Learning”. Teaching yourself certain skills is a very good idea, and reading up on OSHA guides to a career you are interested in is a good idea, too. But if you are interested in operating heavy equipment, particularly those that are used in excavating, the best thing you can do is invest in credentialed training like that offered at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School.



Heavy Equipment Job Listings: March 21, 2015

March 21st, 2015

How’s the weather where you are? This season is full of extremes as part of the country gets sudden snowstorms on the first day of Spring. But you know that it will change to warm sunny days ahead, and that’s why all these jobs are open:

  • ALABAMA, GEORGIA, OHIO — hiring heavy equipment operators
  • WAUNAKEE, WI – hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers and heavy equipment operators
  • GRAND RAPIDS, MI — hiring mobile crane operators
  • GREEN BAY, WI — hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers
  • SAUK RAPIDS, MN — hiring LOCAL Class-A CDL truck drivers
  • FRANCESVILLE, IN — hiring heavy equipment operators and laborers
  • NEW YORK, NY – hiring heavy equipment operators for oversea operations
  • PHOENIX, AZ — hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

Did you notice there are some new positions we haven’t mentioned on Heavy Equipment Job Listings lately? Whole states are looking for heavy equipment operators, and there is a potential for working overseas. There are also local truck driving jobs and even openings for laborers. Options like these are some of the reasons becoming a professional with accredited training is good for your career.

Getting your training at ATS Heavy Equpment Operator Training School means you have two sure paths to employment:

Heavy Equipment Operators Who Drive Trucks Make More

March 17th, 2015

Much of the heavy equipment out there is transported on the back of a flatbed truck — and if the operator of the heavy equipment is able to load the machinery, drive it where it needs to go, and unload it to do the job, then that operator/driver is worth a lot more to an employer.

ATS Offers Short-term Truck Driver Training

The Class-A CDL Truck Driving Program can be added to the heavy equipment operator training program a student is taking without disrupting the schedule by more than a month. That means in addition to getting trained to operate heavy equipment safely, you also can be trained to transport that equipment safely. There are strict guidelines to the transport of big machinery because it has to be securely strapped down to the trailer before taking it on the road. If it’s just sitting on the flatbed, it’s dangerous.

Because of that danger there are regulations concerning securing cargo, including heavy equipment. Not just anybody can do it because not everyone knows how to stabilize and secure the load so it won’t shift when the truck goes around curves, for instance. And driving that truck is something not everyone can do safely. The Class-A CDL Truck Driving Program teaches all the procedures. It also allows students to ask questions and understand why those procedures are a good idea.

Insurance companies often require that the operators and drivers meet high standards of training or companies pay a penalty. That is one reason the boss likes ATS training. But having an employee who can both operate and transport the equipment has another benefit to the company: There doesn’t have to be an additional hire to drive the truck from one site to another. That’s a big reason for the higher wages you can get when you add the Class-A CDL Truck Driving Program to your heavy equipment classes.

Heavy Equipment Job Listings: March 14, 2015

March 14th, 2015

There are several categories of job openings this week. That’s because the springtime construction season is upon us and a huge variety of jobs are out there. At ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School, every one of these positions has a training program and gets you prepared to make money right away–whether it’s as a mobile crane operator, rigger, CDL Class-A truck driver, or heavy equipment operator. The Employment Assistance department works with students to make sure you connect with the jobs that are a good fit for your goals.

Here are this week’s job listings:

MAPLE GROVE, MN — hiring CDL Class-A truck drivers

MADISON, WI — hiring CDL Class-A truck drivers and heavy equipment operators

WAPAKONETA, OH — hiring mobile crane operators

BATON ROUGE, LA — hiring heavy equipment operators

MARSHFIELD, WI – hiring CDL Class-A truck drivers

HENRICO, VA — hiring mobile crane operators and riggers

KNAPP, WI – hiring CDL Class-A truck drivers

RICHMOND, VA — hiring heavy equipment operators

AVON, MN — hiring mobile crane operators

HOUSTON, TX – hiring mobile crane operators

WILLISTON, ND – hiring CDL Class-A truck drivers

Another great benefit of ATS is free access to Total Resources Network, a job site that truly does offer all the resources you need to network in the skilled trades industries.


Heavy Equipment Job Listings: March 7, 2015

March 7th, 2015

You can tell that Spring is just around the corner, because the heavy equipment jobs are starting to pop up. Companies are getting ready to start all the new season’s projects and get their summer jobs lined up so they need to fill all these positions:

CLEARWATER, MN — hiring heavy equipment operators

BALWIN CITY, KS — hiring CDL-A DL truck drivers

DE PERE, WI – hiring CDL-A DL truck drivers

WATFORD CITY, ND – hiring CDL-A DL truck drivers

METAIRIE, LA — hiring mobile crane operators

MARSHFIELD, WI – hiring CDL-A DL truck drivers

PURCELLVILLE, VA — hiring heavy equipment operators

MIAMI, FL – hiring CDL-A DL truck drivers

BRANSON, MO — hiring mobile crane operators

STURTEVANT, WI – hiring CDL-A DL truck drivers

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — hiring mobile crane operators

REVERE, MA — hiring mobile crane operators

LITTLE FALLS, MN — hiring heavy equipment operators

OMAHA, NE – hiring CDL-A DL truck drivers

CHEYENNE, WI — hiring heavy equipment operators

These will go fast, but there are more popping up every day on the job site. This is a great networking site for everybody in the skilled trades industries, and ATS grads have free access to all the features. That’s just one of the lifetime Employment Assistance benefits you get at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School.

Heavy Equipment Job Listings: February 28, 2015

February 28th, 2015

There’s a short list of job openings this week, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any jobs. Many local companies will only advertise in their area because they are looking for local drivers. One of the things that ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School does with our students is teach them how to do the networking to uncover job leads that are advertised in a limited area.

This weeks listings: 

NEENAH, WI — hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

DUNCAN, TX — hiring heavy equipment operators

MESQUITE, TX  – hiring heavy equipment operators

STURTEVANT, WI — hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

HIGGINSVILLE, MO — hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

There are two benefits that ATS grads have when it comes to finding a job: 

Both of these are helpful for your entire career in the skilled trades industries, but that helpfulness is limited if you don’t know how to use them. Students at ATS are taught how to use these services and given plenty of opportunity to get good at it in the process of learning the “soft skills” that get you into the driver’s seat and on the job. After graduation the help doesn’t stop, either, because past students often find they have questions as the job market changes. ATS provides both the training and the support to have a good career in your chosen field.

Heavy Equipment Job Listings: February 21, 2015

February 21st, 2015

This week there are several areas looking for LOCAL Class-A CDL truck drivers. That’s something that many drivers with families seek, so if it’s something you are interested in you’d better contact our Employment Assistance department right away for the details. A couple of the positions are so eager to hire more people that they wanted it in the listing — but they don’t want just anybody. They are looking for trained professionals in a number of skill categories.

Here’s this week’s listings:

NORTH LAKE, WI – hiring LOCAL Class-A CDL truck drivers

RAINBOW, TX — hiring heavy equipment operators and equipment haulers

RICE LAKE, WI — hiring heavy equipment operators, CDL drivers and snow removal

GREEN BAY, WI – hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers, NEED MORE!

BEAUMONT, TX — hiring crane operators

JACKSON, WY — hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

INDEPENDENCE, MO — hiring heavy equipment operators

FAIRBORN, OH – hiring LOCAL Class-A CDL truck drivers, NEED MORE!

ANCHORAGE, AK — hiring heavy equipment operators

DETROIT, MI — hiring LOCAL Class-A CDL truck drivers

CHATTANOOGA, TN – hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

KIEL, WI – hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

DUBUQUE, IA — hiring heavy equipment operators 

HOUSTON, TX — hiring crane operators and riggers

As always, if you are a graduate of ATS, you have lifetime access to a huge database that is constantly being updated. You also have free access to the Total Resources Network site, a professional benefit that the skilled trades industries utilizes to connect.

Subzero Conditions Affect Everything In Heavy Equipment

February 17th, 2015

Much of the country is seeing extreme cold this month. But along with that cold, we are also seeing an increase in accidents because the cold affects both the equipment and the operator. Heavy equipment safety means understanding the difference a drop in temperature makes.

Effects of Extreme Cold on Heavy Equipment

When metal gets extremely cold, it becomes brittle. It cannot absorb impact and pressure the way it normally would in warmer conditions. This means that the standard range of ductility and flexibility is severely limited. The assorted fluids keeping all the parts moving also change in subzero conditions, becoming thick or even useless.

Extra time must be taken to warm up the machinery before expecting it to perform optimally. Awareness of site conditions is also imperative. For example, frozen ground may require jackhammers instead of a backhoe. Frost causes slippery surfaces where no danger exists in warmer weather.

Effects of Extreme Cold on Heavy Equipment Operators

People who are cold do not perform at their peak any better than equipment does. Response time slows, muscles and joints are stiff and prone to injury, and it’s easy to be in danger of hypothermia, frostbite, or dehydration. Care must be taken for the operators to be dressed appropriately for the conditions they are working in. Today’s performance wear can keep an operator warm in the active/passive cycles that once caused problems, but it has to be worn along with good socks, boots, gloves, etc.

The heavier clothing worn in extreme cold muffles the hearing and can limit sight — both essential for safety. Thicker gloves change the way an operator senses controls, and big boots can change footing as the operator gets on or off the equipment.

During the classes at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School, safety is discussed frequently — at times it seems repetitive. That repetition is on purpose, to get safety procedures so familiar they become automatic. Professionals practice safe standards, and are familiar with the changes subzero conditions can make on those standards.

* Associated Training Services fully endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), and will prepare candidates for the CCO certification examinations.

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