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3 Reasons ATS Offers Lifetime Employment Assistance

December 16th, 2014

Did you know that Associated Training Services has a lifetime employment assistance service? It’s true — and it does last for a lifetime. As long as one of our graduates needs help finding the next job, ATS is here to help that graduate get employment. Why would a training school offer such a drastic benefit?

We Know the Quality of Our Training Programs

ATS has been in the business of training heavy equipment operators, mobile crane operators, rigger/signalpersons, and Class-A CDL truck drivers for decades. We have developed a nationally recognized program with all the certifications and standards that are needed for being approved as a training program for state and federal funding. Our instructors are the best, and in some cases we helped develop the training curriculum being used across the country.

We Know Our Students

Every student that walks into our training program gets personal career counseling. These sessions result in a relationship and specific job suggestions based on your interests. Career Services will also work with students on the “soft skills” that are often neglected: resume writing, application procedures, interview techniques, and more. You can’t do that without getting to know each other.

We Know Life Changes Sometimes

There is one thing that’s true in life, and that is that things change. Five, ten, or fifteen years down the road there may be a need to find a new position because you had to move, or the economy in a certain location changed, or whatever. Life has a way of throwing a curve ball once in a while, and being able to rely on ATS Employment Assistance helps you recover your balance and move on in a new job.

Heavy Equipment Job Listings: December 13, 2014

December 13th, 2014

There are only a few more weeks in 2014! How time flies — and how easy is it to let it slip by without getting started on your career plans?

At ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School, those career plans start forming as soon as you start classes. Our Employment Assistance department begins within the first week by personal sessions to determine which industries you are interested in, and the locations you are hoping to settle in.

During your training, the soft skills needed to get through the job application process are also taught. At graduation, every ATS student is given a package designed to help target the job search in the targeted areas. After graduation, the employment assistance continues for a lifetime because most people need to relocate once or twice.

This week’s job listings are all over, and in more than one field. If you are a Class-A CDL truck driver, heavy equipment operator, or mobile crane operator, there might be something here for you:

MARSHFIELD, WI — Hiring Class-A CDL Truck Drivers

AMARILLO, TX — Hiring Class-A CDL Truck Drivers

OLEAN, NY — Hiring Heavy Equipment Operators

MADISON, WI – Hiring Class-A CDL Truck Drivers

GREEN BAY, WI – Hiring Class-A CDL Truck Drivers

NEENAH, WI – Hiring Class-A CDL Truck Drivers

SAN ANTONIO, TX — Hiring Mobile Crane Operators

BOYCEVILLE, WI – Hiring Class-A CDL Truck Drivers

MILWAUKEE, WI — Hiring Heavy Equipment Operators

Another place to find leads for jobs is the Employment Assistance Website that all ATS graduates have access to. This is a great place to network with other professionals in the skilled trades.

ATS Works With Agencies To Provide Job Training

December 11th, 2014

A lot of agencies are out there working with folks to help them find the training that will give them employability. The problem is, those agencies usually have very specific rules they must follow in the process, and one of the specifics usually needed is a training school with the right certifications and accreditation.

That isn’t the only thing needed for the paperwork –so ATS gets lots of contact with agencies and agency counseling services who need labor market information:

  • Heavy equipment Wages and earning potential
  • Employment outlook for specific industries
  • Job descriptions and other occupational details
  • Heavy equipment operator working conditions

Agency counselors ask questions about our history, training program descriptions, employment assistance details, Eligible Training Provider status and anything else that needs to go in the forms they use. It’s part of the paperwork and we do it all the time.

Who Can Contact ATS?

Any agency that works with training providers to get people to work has probably already contacted ATS if they are looking for a reputable, qualified program to train heavy equipment operators, crane operators, rigging/signalpersons, or truck drivers. Since ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School has been in existence since 1996, there have been many years to build a reputation for excellence. Here’s a short list of agencies we have worked with:

  • Government employment offices
  • Departments of workforce development
  • Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
  • Dislocated worker retraining programs
  • Trade Readjustment Act (TAA)
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)
  • State Departments of Veterans Affairs
  • Federal Veterans Administration
  • Other agencies that help people find employment

If the agency you are working with is interested in talking to us, send them the link to ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School.

Storm Clean Up Crews Need Heavy Equipment Operators

December 9th, 2014

There will always be a need for storm clean up because there will always be storms, right? Whether it’s a summer tornado in the midwest, or a hurricane hitting the coast, El Niño causing problems or a classic Nor’easter hitting major cities — somebody has to be able to move a lot of debris. That means a piece of heavy equipment in most cases, and a skilled operator able to do the job in unstable conditions.

Many Types of Heavy Equipment Used After A Storm

What does it take to restore a storm-damaged area? Here’s a list of the usual:

  • excavators
  • dozers
  • track loaders
  • wheel loaders
  • cranes
  • dump trucks
  • backhoes
  • and many more

The Right Equipment Is Useless Without The Right Operator

As impressive as heavy equipment is for getting an overwhelming job done, it takes a well-trained operator to do it safely and competently. Without the operator, that equipment is useless. Nobody knows when the next big storm will hit, but you know it will. In the meantime, a good heavy equipment operator is usually working away on a job site somewhere, earning a paycheck and honing skills.

When the need arises, that heavy equipment operator is ready to be part of the emergency cleanup crews who are desperately needed. Not all of those jobs are volunteer, either! Many operators make good money doing this service.

How can you be ready for this opportunity? By clearing some room on your calendar for training. ATS has training classes in heavy equipment, crane, and truck driving starting every three weeks, all year long. By the time the next storm comes rolling through, you could be ready.


Heavy Equipment Job Listings: December 6, 2014

December 6th, 2014

Look at all the job listings this week! Most of them are for heavy equipment operators in states where it snows — that probably means a big paycheck for someone who knows how to do snow removal. There are a couple of Class-A CDL truck driving positions open, and a mobile crane operator who is needed, too. Every week there’s a new potential for a career if you have the appropriate training from a nationally recognized school like ATS.

The Employment Assistance you get at ATS starts when you start as a student and stays available for a lifetime. That’s pretty impressive, but it’s a natural outcome of the reputation for solid training here. When you need to relocate, your skills make it easier to find a job in the new place.

WATFORD CITY, ND — Hiring heavy equipment operators

OWATONNA, MN — Hiring Class-A CDL Truck drivers 

COLUMBUS, WI — Hiring Class-A CDL Truck drivers

MONROE, MI — Hiring mobile crane operators

NICHOLASVILLE, KY — Hiring heavy equipment operators

BLOOMINGTON, IL — Hiring heavy equipment operators

WEST FARGO, ND — Hiring heavy equipment operators

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Hiring heavy equipment operators

TOMAH, WI — Hiring heavy equipment operators

MIDDLEBURY, IN — Hiring heavy equipment operators

One of the best things about ATS after you graduate is the Employment Assistance Website you’ll have access to. Total Resources Network is all it says in the name: a complete resource and networking site for the skilled trades industries.


3 Ways Freezing Affects Heavy Equipment Operations

December 4th, 2014

Brrrrrr…..it’s getting colder! Most heavy equipment operators don’t have the luxury of putting their equipment in a heated location overnight, so when you come to work in the morning, that equipment is really cold. So cold, in fact, that things can change in the way that the machinery works. Here are three things to watch out for:

  • frozen pipelines — particularly hydraulics
  • metal stress — hairline cracks develop in grader blades or teeth on excavator buckets
  • ice — steps and handles can be dangerously slippery

Learn How To Handle Freezing Hazards Before You Start

When you get your training at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School, one of the things covered is the pre-start-up check. This foundational step is essential all year long, but in the winter it’s even more important. Learning how to look for problems like frozen pipelines, metal stress, and ice is one thing — learning how to deal with those problems is even better.

Every class and training session is designed to make students ready to work as professionals in the skilled trades industries. Professionals know how to avoid hazards by proper maintenance and thorough inspections. Heavy equipment works all year long, and in the frozen winter months, there are many heavy equipment operators staying safe because they stay on top of what’s happening overnight.

Knowing what to look for in freezing hazards and what to do when you find it make the difference between a heavy equipment operator with a big problem in their machine and a heavy equipment operator with a big paycheck.


Dump Truck Drivers Work All Winter

December 2nd, 2014

If you can drive a dump truck, there is winter work available right now. This is because a dump truck chassis is the base of many winter service vehicles, so the ability to operate the truck through all the variables of the job is a valued ability indeed. Since there is a lot of load shifting and the truck is generally pretty heavy, it takes skill to do the precise maneuvers necessary in snow removal.

Dump truck drivers aren’t just taking a load from one point to the next, that load is literally dumped by tipping the truck bed and that changes the center of gravity. You could be doing some spreading of the load, too — gradually losing a little bit of your pile of salt or grit by using an attached tool to spin it out or by opening the bottom of your gate as you tip the bed. Either way, it takes skill.

“Only Skilled Drivers Need Apply”

Most of the ads and signage you’ll see telling the public that CDL drivers are needed will say that “only skilled drivers need apply.” What that means is they don’t want to mess around training somebody to do the job because they want the work done immediately.

Where do dump truck drivers get those skills? at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School. You can learn to be a dump truck driver in just a few weeks, and your training will include more than just driving a dump truck. The skills you get at ATS enable you to get a job as soon as you graduate, because employers know and respect our reputation.

How To Start Plowing A Parking Lot

November 29th, 2014

Winter is here, and heavy equipment operators all over the country are doing some work on the side plowing snow for local businesses and other facilities. If you’ve been asked to plow the parking lot since you know how to operate heavy equipment, do some homework first so you don’t run into trouble.

Where Does The Snow Go?

Before you even start plowing, make sure you know where all that snow is to be piled. It doesn’t make sense to push it against the building or block handicap parking. Think about future snowfalls, too. You want to make room for additional snow if things get crazy.

Another point to consider is visibility. Piles of snow that seem okay to you because you are high on the plow can block visibility for somebody in a low car trying to get into the street safely.

Think about what will happen when it melts. Drains and catch basins need to stay clear so they can deal with the flooding. This is why the snow against the building is a bad idea; people don’t like water in the basement.

Plan Snow Removal Carefully

It’s a good idea to have a plan when doing snow removal. Sidewalks can get shoveled into the lot, then the plow will take care of the snow piles. If a lot of snow is expected, a steady repeated skimming is a lot better than waiting for it to stop before you start plowing. By that time, people have had to drive in it and things get more tricky.

Be careful plowing next to curbs and beside parked cars. You don’t want to do any damage to property!

Get The Best Heavy Equipment Operator Training

If you have done your training at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School, you’ve been exposed to a lot of different types of equipment. This really helps when the opportunity to make some extra money comes up but you have to use the church’s snow plow/tractor combo to do it. The more experience you have with different kinds of snow plow setups, the easier it is to do a good job as a part-time snow plow operator.

The right techniques with the machine plus the right plan for removing the snow make you a person in demand this winter.




How To Be The Best Heavy Equipment Operator Around

November 24th, 2014

OK, first, a disclaimer: If the other guys on your work crew also do this, then you’ll be the “best heavy equipment crew around” because all of you invested in the same steps.

Choose A Training School That Is Nationally Recognized

There’s a good reason that schools like ATS are nationally recognized, and it’s because the history of the school and students have a proven track record of excellence. Look for a heavy equipment operator training school that has a good reputation in the industry. Pay attention to what the school offers, too. Nationally recognized schools will have access to employers simply because they are known to be good sources of professional-level operators.

Choose A Training School That Is Accredited

Look at the credentials and affiliations the heavy equipment operator school has. Those credentials and affiliations are proof that high standards have been met in curricula and instructor quality. Being an accredited training school also has financial benefits because a wide variety of education funding sources require accreditation for eligibility. You could qualify for more financial assistance than you realize if the training school you choose is accredited.

Choose To Invest Your Efforts Into Your Training

The best training facility in the world still needs the student to participate in the training, right? Once you have selected a nationally recognized, accredited heavy operator training school and gone through the process of application and financial aid, there’s still a choice to be made.

You can goof off and regret it, or dedicate this time to learning how to be the best heavy equipment operator around.


Heavy Equipment Job Listings: November 22, 2014

November 22nd, 2014

The skilled trades industries usually will have openings all year, because the need is always going to be there for someone who has both the skills and the certifications to do the job. As the baby boomer generation retires, many more jobs open up. The need for new skilled heavy equipment operators doesn’t look like it’s going away.

Did you know you can post your skills and qualifications on the Total Resources Network and look for openings that match your training and experience?

This job site brings together employers needing personnel, job seekers looking for work, and the training providers who make the job seeker qualified to do the job. The database can be searched by location as well as other criteria. The long term safety and sustainability of the skilled trades industries depends on all three groups being able to rely on each other, and this site is one way it happens.

This Week’s Job List

GREEN BAY, WI — hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

BROWNSVILLE, WI — hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

MAUSTON, WI – hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

NEENAH, WI – hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

TORRINGTON, CT — hiring heavy equipment operators

BURNSVILLE, MN – hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

AMHERST, WI – hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

TOMAH, WI – hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers

ASHLAND, WI — hiring heavy equipment operators

IRVING, TX — hiring crane operators

Every graduate of ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School is given personal career counseling by the Employment Assistance department, and that assistance is there for life. This list has job openings all over the country, but the job list you’d get as a graduate would be exactly what you are looking for, where you are hoping to be.

* Associated Training Services fully endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), and will prepare candidates for the CCO certification examinations.

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